Juvenal Sansó Chronology

1929 Juvenal Sanso was born in Reus, Catalonia, Spain
1934 Moved to Manila where his family established El Arte Espaňol, a wrought iron business
1941-45 World War II and the Japanese Occupation
1948-51 Attended School of Fine Arts of the UP Manila
1950 Won first prize in watercolor category for “Incubus,” Art Association of the Philippines
1951 Won  first prize in oil category for “Sorcerer,” AAP. At  the end of the year, he left for Europe by embarking on a 41-day boat trip from Manila to Genoa, Italy through the Far East, the Red Sea, and Mediterranean ports.
1952 Undertook various trips to Italy’s art centers. Made his first visit to Spain since his departure as a child.
1952-53 Studied at the Academia di Belle Arti and the Academia della Medaglia, Rome
1952 Established permanent residence in Paris
1953-61 At  l’Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Artes, he took courses in oil and frescoe painting and in graphixcs. Studied under Professors Georg, Cami, Adam, and Bersier with whim close contacts have been maintained. He visited Spain and Italy twice; England and Holland
1952 Visited Germany, Greece, Italy, and Spain
1953 Belgium, Spain, and Australia
1954 Denmark, Holland, Belgium, and Spain
1955 Made a round-the-world trip through Manila, the Far East, and Honolulu; then an auto trip through all the Southern states in the United States, Washington D.C., New York, and Boston; England And Italy
1956 Made trips to Austria, Germany, Italy (to paint frescoes at  Palazzo Dario in Venice), and France
1957 Visit to London, traveled extensively in France
1958 Made trips to Italy and France
1961-62 Visited Spain; made his second round-the-world trip  through the United States, Manila, and the Far East (including extended visits to Japan and Thailand)
1963 Trip to France and Spain
1964 Visit to the United States. His works "Leuers " was adjudged Print of the Year by the Cleveland Museum of Art, giving Sanso the rank of previous winners like Henri Matisse and Salvador Dali
1965-73 Travels to Europe, USA, Mexico, Thailand, Cambodia, Japan, Iran and yearly visits to the Philippines
1974 25 Years Retrospective Exhibition of Prints, Drawings and Paintings at the Cultural Center of the Philippines
1980 Returns to Manila to take up permanent residence
2008-09 Serves as artist in residence for the Shell Art Interaction Program
2009 Marks his birthday in November with a series of shows in major venues in Manila