November 24, 2007

A solo exhibit by Juvenal Sansó
Ground Floor Gallery, Ayala Mueseum

Water: The Medium brings together a selection of inspired works by Juvenal Sansó brought about by his love affair with this life-giving medium

As perhaps the most potent medium, water has been a source of inspiration for a great number of artists. Nurturing, soothing, calming, refreshing, and indispensable to humanity, water has been for Juvenal Sansó a prime wellspring of his artistic output. Water remains one of the most significant resources in his life. It is the consistent element in the paintings of his travels throughout the world. "To me it was a revelation in every possible way," the artist notes.

Being an archipelago, the Philippines enhanced his affinity to water. He recalls living with his family next to the Pasig River, where he enjoyed numerous adventures, even saving two girls from drowning. Aside from the Pasig, other locations in the Philippines that greatly contributed to his body of works include Montalban, Matabungkay, Tagaytay, Manila Bay, and the Laguna de Bay Lake. Fish traps locally called baklad, are persistent images in his landscapes.

Juvenal Sansó was the recipient of the Presidential Medal of Merit for the Arts from the Philippine government in 2006.

The exhibition will open on November 24 and will run until January 13, 2008 at the Ground Floor Gallery of Ayala Museum.

Ayala Museum is located at De la Rosa Street corner Makati Avenue, Greenbelt Park, Makati City. It is open from Tuesday-Friday, 9AM-6PM; Saturday-Sunday, 10AM-7PM. For more information, please call 757-7117 to 21 local 35 or visit

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