November 23, 2007

The Sansó Lineage: A History of Service and Honor

Sanso Family Name History
A copy of the record of the lineage of Sansó from the Historical Research Center

The original homestead or ancestral home of the Sansós was by the city of Gerona (near Barcelona) where there existed the Sansó Tower. It was owned by the Sansó family who were already Knights of the San Juan Order in the gran priorato (priory) of Catalonia in the year 1500 AD.

The family name of Sansó is classified as among the appellative names. Appellative names generally take inspiration in physical or in geographic characteristics. It may also echo some nickname or peculiarity.

In this case particularly, this name Sansó derives from the ancient Latin name “sanctus” which means “sacred” or “saint”.

In the Middle Ages, and even before that, when family names in Europe were not formally structured and recorded, it was customary to add a second identifying word to distinguish the numerous members of the same lineage. Through the years these second names were adopted permanently, eventually becoming family names and lineages.

In the official Spanish military archives in Segovia are found the records of several Sansós that served in the Royal Army: Ramon Sansó, in the cavalry, in 1827; Ramon Sansó de Carlos, also in the cavalry, in 1833; and Pedro Sansó Marbi, a veterinary doctor, in 1859.

- According to the Historical Research Center’s findings in “Family Names History”