9 November 2017


Juvenal Sanso remains to be one of the most sought after artists in the Philippines. His paintings are among those that remain in great demand, and are often found only in respectable galleries and auctions. Officially recognized by Spain, France and the Philippine governments with knighthooods and medals of excellence for his contributions to art, Sanso has a stellar international career in art spanning seventy years, and is collected in many international museums. For many budding collectors, collecting a Sanso has been aspirational, but often, remains just that, because of their rarity and price, until now.

Fundacion Sansó (Museuo Sanso) is pleased to offer to the public Juvenal Sansó’s fine art archival prints restruck to commemorate his seventy years as an artist. These multiple archival printts are Museum-quality Fine art reproductions called Giclee Prints. Made with ultra-high resolutions, these use the very finest archival inks and papers and make it possible for Sanso collectors and art aficionados to own a set of 10 of the outstanding pieces from different periods of Sanso’s stellar career, works which museums both here and abroad, have collected. The works come with special serially numbered individual stickers.

Included in the boxed set of 10 are works from his 1960s expressionist and Black Period series, works influenced by his period as an opera set and costume designer such as “Day of the Machines” and the reverse series floral painting tilted “Red in Blue”. An artwork from his floating floral series was also selected titled “Bridal Bouquet” as well as a work titled “Completed Light” from his barong=barong series. Three of the works chosen come from his expressionist portraits and faces series done in the late 1950s and the 1960s in his early Paris period as well as an outstanding piece from the early still lifes of Sanso titled “Secret Ingredients”. The boxed set was put together by Fundacion Sanso to commemorate the forthcoming 88th birthday of the master which will be on November 23. Before his birthday, the boxed sets are available at a special promotion offer 25% less than the regular price. The price reverts back to the original envisioned price after November 23, 2017.

An important printmaker, Juvenal Sansó is reputed to be the first ever Philippine artist to have a solo exhibition comprising purely of fine art prints. In his 1957 first one-man show at the Philippine Art Gallery, the young Sansó presented a selection of copper plate etchings which were the result of his training under Edward Goerg, a leading light in French Expressionism, at the École Nationale des Beaux Artes in Paris. The expressionist prints were both whimsical and grotesque, and pointed to the growth of new art in post-war France, along with his personal experiences living as an artist in Paris, a nexus of creativity and one of the capitals of modern art at the time. This exhibit, along with another exhibit held on the same year, heralded Sansó’s “black period” which is characterized by dark colors and a melancholic mood, etched his name in Philippine art history. Prints from this series, and those of later years, including The Flower Market, which Sansó considers as his best work in the Black Series are now available at Fundacion Sanso in pencil numbered, and signed, very limited editions.

Proceeds of the sales funds the activities of Fundacion Sansó, a not-for-profit institution with a mandate to preserve and promote the artistic legacy of Juvenal Sansó. Fundacion Sansó manages and makes available to the public a collection of representative works by the artist, whether from his personal archive or from leading collectors of Sanso. It is open to the public Mondays to Saturdays, 10am to 5pm. The Museum also recently launched its prints and etchings wing where prints and etchings of Sanso can be viewed. Some of these rarities are likewise being made available to the collecting public.

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